Hohe Tatra

High Tatra

Vysoké Tatry

A holiday report

What you find here is a quite huge report of Matthias and my holiday in the Vysoké Tatry, aka Hohe Tatra / High Tatra, in summer 2000. I can really recommend spending your holiday there, when you see the pictures you'll know why. People are friendly, great nature and it's not expensive.

If you go hiking there I recommend buying a map in Slovakia and incase you're from Germany buy the ,,Rother Wanderführer Hohe Tatra´´ by Stanislav Samuel from the Bergverlag Rother, ISBN 3-7633-4049-1.

A great webpage to visit before you go is the official page from the Vysoké Tatry High Tatra (english) and the subpage National park or for german speaking people Hohe Tatra (deutsch) und die Unterseite Nationalpark; available in even more languages, just visit the page and click on your countrys flag.

But now go for the report!

I recommend reading first the (german) report by Matthias with lotsa text and after that watch mine.

Matthias' report

Pt.1: The long way into holiday
Pt.2: The first mountain
Pt.3: The caves
Pt.4: Lots of trams
Pt.5: Lomnický stit
Pt.6: Lomnický stit
Pt.7: Lomnický stit
Pt.8: Lomnický stit
Pt.9: Lomnický stit
Pt.10: Back to the hotel
Pt.11: Back to the hotel
Pt.12: Trip to the Krivan
Pt.13: Trip to the Krivan
Pt.14: Trip to the Krivan
Pt.15: Trip to the Krivan
Pt.16: Trip to the Krivan
Pt.17: Trip to the Krivan
Pt.18: The afternoon in Strbské pleso
Pt.19: The trainstation in Strbské pleso
Pt.20: The trainstation in Strbské pleso
Pt.21: Back home
Pt.22: The End!