Hohe Tatra

High Tatra

Vysoké Tatry

The long way into holiday
Our trip started with 2 days driving to our destination, the Vysoké Tatry in the Slovakian Republic. But to be honest, due to some trouble with Maps trains we could head off only at 12 o'clock the 1st day. Luckily it was in the summer, so we could sleep in the car at an parking area at the highway, near an reservoir.
At the 2nd day it wasn't that far anymore, we decided to got to Strbské Pleso, the highest village in the Vysoké Tatry and in Slovakia with 1335 mtrs. Finally we found a hotel, I would call it the most expensive one from the village. With some knowledge from the area we would have got easily a cheaper one too.

The Proof: You can sleep _very_ well in a Trabant! Death is everywhere. There are flys on the windscreen (DM).
That's the lake near the highway. It's the Liptovská Mara near Liptovský Mikulás. Not the best picture, but the only one showing me infront my car and the Hohe Tatra.
That's the view out of our window in the hotel. The small light blue one is mine. (View from our room.)
This lake was just beside our hotel.  

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