Hohe Tatra

High Tatra

Vysoké Tatry

Lomnický stit
Finally we arrived in Tatranská Lomnica and searched for the lower station of the cabin lift. When we found it wondered a lot because there was sign saying: Sold out. We were allowed to buy a ticket to somewhere in the midle of the mountain and asked ourselves, how a cabin lift could be sold out. As we reached the end of the cabin lift we saw the reason: From the endstation of the first lift headed a 2nd lift, but this one unlike the first with only one small cabin than a lot of them. Ofcourse we tried our luck there again to get a ticket, but no chance. Anyway, there was a chairlift going up again some metres to a mountain saddle, so we used that one.

the upper station on the way to the Lomnický stit the last pillar of the cabin lift
the pillar again and one of the cabins That's from the chairlift and it's lower station.
the Lomnický stit, note the houses on top the view down from the chairlift

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