small party
pic from a smaller party

Well, you may ask what this is about.

I'm part of the computerscene, even if nowadays mostly retired. I was active mainly on C=64, a famous home-computer. We tried to squeeze out the maximum of that neat little thing. Programming was really close to the hardware, which isn't possible on PC anymore, 'cause there every box is different.

We had build up a group called Reflex and have been in competition with other groups. We were quite successfull. But scene means a lot more: swapping latest software on discs (floppy-discs I mean, good ol' 5 1/4"), meeting with friends, attending to computerparties.

I've been on around 20 parties in around 6 countries over the years. At the following pages you'll find some more thoughts and a few partyreports. [more]