Welcome on my C64-scene pages.

You don't know what this is about? Well, you all should have heard about the Commodore 64 Personal Computer, and many of you will have owned one once. Do you remember the times playing half of the night Katakis, Last Ninja, Giana Sisters, Turrican or other games? Great fun, wasn't that? Maybe you've wondered somewhen about the intros infront the games? At the day you became more curios about the scrolltexts and musics there than the game itself could be your first step into the scene. Maybe you start programming, painting or making music by yourself; or you try to build cheats into games. The beginning is hard, and many loose already here. But if you continue you will get to know other people, build up a group with others or join an existing one. Then you are going to compete with other groups. In the scene underground-magazines are published, printing charts of every kind of scener or group, based on votes by the readers. Or you drive to computer-parties, there are competitions held. Beside the compos the parties are also a good possibility to meet friends from other countries you know only from sending discs (or emails nowadays) to eachother. And it's a good way to rest from the hard computer-life. Even in y2k exists a scene on the C64 and is celebrating parties all over Europe.

Well, I can say, I have been over the years in a quite successfull group, called Reflex. We released over 10 demos, all trackmos, and won with them at several parties. Furthermore we produced 7 issues of our magazine Insider, and last but not least we released some tools, f.e. the Reflex-Tracker. Watch out for a more complete story at another place and another time.

What will you find here? I hope to come up with some interesting stories and party-reports from my over 7 years in the scene and pictures from the countless parties in 6 countries I have been. But things develop slowly, so you'll have to wait...

Yours, Olaf aka Happymaker/Reflex
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5 years Plush; a party in Marksuhl near Eisenach/Germany; part2, from 22.10.1999 to 24.10.1999

North Party 5 in Bartoszyce/Poland, from 27.12.1999 to 29.12.1999. Read all about sweet Magda, her sister and why polish parties are different.

Plush-Party, another Plush-party in Marksuhl, from 17.3.2000 until 19.3.2000.

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