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This is a private homepage. All content is (c) webmaster@z9001.net.


The pages are developed with just a simple text-editor. html is that simple, you don't need a programm for. Software generated html is mostly inefficient and with bugs. I try to keep the philosphy of html, not using any tags ment for structuring content for layouting. With time my html improved lots, from very simple html to complicated html (what did not meet the above philosophy in every point) to html with css for text-design finally to html with sophisticated css for layout too (no need for tables anymore, only for content structured in tables ofcourse ;-). Partly I use php for development. I try to keep the pages small and optimized, but that doesn't count for the pictures, especially the later ones, there is quality over size :-). So be patient. The page should be accessible in any browser, but netscape 4.0 or IE 5.0 doesn't seem to be very good...

Please note, since my page is still spread over several accounts there are some flaws, sorry.