Marksuhl v3

Well, from the 17.3.2000 until 19.3.2000 it was again partytime in Marksuhl, for the 3rd time now. Again a lot of people showed up, and not only from plush. Maybe not as many as last time in autumn. Ofcourse we had a lot of fun, some people worked on either PC or C64 or played some psx-games. On friday evening there was even a dyskoteka in the same restauracja, where our party place has been. Some people from Marksuhl came in and were stunning, what we are doing. Later we also visited the dyskoteka, c00l. A real village-disco. Mystic fixed some girls, and Fanta said, we should buy them something to drink. So we did and bought something mixed Cola with alcoholics. Later we got to know, they were only 14 and 16 years old. Well, they wouldn't have got any alcoholics by themselves....
Mystic still worked on his demo at the party, and I came up with stupid ideas, but he always tried to realize them. Really cool. But don't forget the white beam to turn into a black in the testing-picture ;-).


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