Baltic Sea

In autumn 2002 I've been with some friends near the baltic sea. We rent a house there. First day we've been on the isle Rügen, second day at the isle Usedom, we visited the museum of early rockets there. Well and then it was already over. I'm sorry, the pictures do not have the usual quality, that's because I run out of my favorite films and had to take some which were left over...

on the isle Rügen in Putbus

same with the column in the middle, that's the wellnkown circus in Putbus

that's a lake near the Königstuhl, in the evening

a green swamp

still on the way to the Königstuhl


the Königstuhl

blue hour

next day on the isle Usedom

a ship is coming ;-) I guess ppl were shopping toll-free


on the sea-bridge

the ship again

that's where our house was

that's our house