In late summer 2001 I was invited for a trip into the Dolomiti (Dolomiten), which are part of the Alpen. We had choosen the Pala-group, which is near San Martino, a quite famous village for winter-sports. We've been for nearly 1 week in the mountains, outside every civilisation, hiking from Rifugio (which are small huts) to Rifugio. I was quite stoned after that...
For the last day we drove to Riva at the famous Gardasee and spent that day there with bathing in the ice-cold water.

up an climbing-way, secured by ropes (try to find the people in this pic) and down over a snow-field
another day, inside the mountains, in the middle of the pic you'll see, where we came down the other day ...
walking on a glacier one of the climbing-ways
a cat in Riva view from the castle over the Gardasee