Republic Hrvatska
After some struggle with another friend, who didn't got holiday from his job for our planned trip I called another friend, and after a quick decision (called him thursday, started friday) we drove to Croatia. First we met another friend in Zagreb and stood at his place for few days, after that we drove down to the isle Krk. There we have been for around a week, spending the time with visiting the small villages on the isle, bathing and eating great food (fresh fish, pizza...).

Zagreb, view from the older part of the city down to the socalled newer part a lot of great old historical buildings are there
at night in Zagreb already on the isle Krk: some ships in the harbour of Punat
following pics are from Baška (Baska) a great old village
with a wonderful bay, great for bathing on a gravel beach the harbour
in an evening mood find the pet (and there were lots of them, but very shy)